HOPE is a partner of humanitarian actors in Pakistan, recognizing the dire need of refugees’ hardships and issues, step up to support not only the new arrivals, but also the existing Afghan population, and the Pakistani host community.

HOPE has been serving on humanitarian ground with the provision of shelter, food and hygiene kits to the host communities in northern part of Pakistan along with well-coordinated and effective advocacy about refugee rights through information sharing, capacity building and coordination among partners in promoting refugee protection in Pakistan and expand the rights of all asylum seekers, detainees and refugees under the guidelines of UNHCR- Pakistan.

As the Taliban reasserts control over Afghanistan, thousands of Afghani crossed into Pakistan. For years, Pakistan has hosted over three million Afghan refugees’ nationals including more than 1.4 million registered refuges and expecting more.

HOPE envisions a protective environment for refugees in Pakistan & Thailand.

The main objectives of the project are:

To ensure that the vulnerable non-Afghan refugees receive basic assistance for their socio-economic, medical, psychological, educational and protection / security needs till a durable solution is found for them.

  • To enable refugees to make better and more informed decisions related to solutions to their problems through mutual consultations and participation.
  • To work for empowerment of refugee women and eliminate existing gender based discriminations from all aspects of their lives through adequate participation and representation in public and private spheres.
  • To reduce the vulnerability of refugee women through prevention, protection and provision of care / rehabilitation for incidences of gender based violence.
  • To facilitate protection of vulnerable women and children by enhancing their capacity, and to work on their emotional health through psychotherapy and counseling in order to educate them about their rights.
  • To identify vulnerable refugee children, especially working and unaccompanied minors, and provide them protection from all forms of exploitation and abuse.

Support Internally Displaced People
Afghan Refugee


Refugees through Craft

This program is designed to empower women refugees (Afghan) and internally displaced families in Pakistan. To support the women headed households. In this program we use all recycled cut pieces collected from clothing businesses. This project focus urban refugees (women and young girls) those have been forced to leave their home countries and seeking refuge and currently are stranded in different parts of Pakistan.

Main goal is to empower and educate them, so they could trust-in their skills and become self-sufficient. We provide them opportunities to learn new skills those can be used to generate an income and therefore sustain a healthy livelihood.

This project provide adequate training to women and girls with required vocational skills to make different crafts products. These products could be form of beaded purses, hand bags, keychains, oven gloves, door mats, socks and caps, Shawls, household handicrafts.

HOPE local team facilitates these women through advertising items make possible sale at local and national markets to earn their income.