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In order to enhance public health among the poor and marginalized, strengthening systems within the healthsector is critical. The focus of HOPE WORLDWIDE -PAKISTAN has been running the free health check-up camps to provide healthcare opportunities to underprivileged and to ensure that underserved have access to a quality healthcare facilities.

The majority of our patients are the very poor from labouring and farming families. HOPE ORGANIZATION offers free consultations, free check-ups and free medicines to the very poor and underprivileged. We are regularly joined in the free medical-camps by volunteer doctors who bring with them valuable new knowledge and extra pairs of hands.

In the process of improving health status, HOPE ORGANIZATION has adopted the following methods.


Every child contains enormous abilities. HOPE ORGANIZATION mission is to provide an opportunity for every child at every level. We come together to provide educational opportunities to underprivileged children to ensure that underserved students have access to a quality learning environment.

Children are also provided with old/new study materials, stationery, clothes, laptops etc. received from our various donors which acts as motivation to attend the classes regularly.We focus on all round development of the children by conducting hobby sessions, sports activities, and talent competitions like drawing & painting.We conduct various free health-checkup camps for students as well as good health supports successful learning as much as successful learning supports health.

(HOPE WORLDWIDE-PAKISTAN) provides the following to students received from our various donors and supporters.


The most essential components of human life are clean Air, Water, Health, Education & Energy. Approximately 40% of Pakistan’s land is degraded primarily due to deforestation, unsustainable agricultural practices, and mining and excessive groundwater extraction resulting in severe problems for groundwater management in Pakistan.

HOPE ORGANIZATION works with the objective of environmental conservation, rain water harvesting system and also work to protect river, wetland and other water resources and working to protect forest and green cover.

(HOPE WORLDWIDE-PAKISTAN) works towards its objective of preserving the environment through an idea as simple as planting trees and conducting awareness drives for implementation of water conservation techniques and construction of rain water harvesting units.

HOPE ORGANIZATION believes in lending our support through funding, volunteering or otherwise to any worthy cause/project that creates an impact and takes us a step closer to our objective. We have also partnered with NGOs who serve as planting partners and are responsible for planting the sapling and maintaining it. We also conduct environment awareness camps to encourage the people’s participation for environment protection and activities.

Women Empowerment program


This Project will provide a Sustainable Livelihood to marginalized Girls of 15-24 age Group & 18-35 (youth) age group by Vocational skill training of Computer Education, Beautician, fashion designing & Sewing, Handicraft and Hand Bag making etc. Bank loans will be provided through the project in order to settle a self employment unit whereby the marginalized Girls of Rural areas will get a Better and Golden future.


According to Pakistan Government’s Report of 2011, the total population of 15 to 24 years old unemployed youth is 1.2 million. Due to unemployment most youth take unethical way for livelihood as prostitution, thievery, smuggling, addiction etc. Social evils such as Child marriage, Dowry system, Female feticide, purdah system etc. are also main problems in the project region. The marginalized girls stricken by Poverty, unemployment and economic problems are miles away from Basic need.


The Living Standard of Girls will get better through Vocational training. The Girls will be able to Settle self-employment by skill development which will Help to Empower them Economically. The girls will find their own employment with the help of skill development. Poverty will end and the lives of marginalized girls will be prosperous.

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